Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Tweets that costed my blog :)

Thanks to Abel, I have come to know that my blog-kinda-thing is now blocked in Ethiopia. Yes, my blog is now competent enough to become  a potential trait J. Most of my friends suspected that it is because of my tweets on #AJStream's yesterday show on the silenced freedom of speech in Ethiopia and the schemes used by the government to control everything.
lemood new
Well I have collected my tweets, just for the record. See for yourself and tell me “yemeTenal weyes AyemeTenem” to be considered a threat.

This is status update of a facebook friend in Ethiopia
"I can't write, comment, navigate to group page and browse. Raila-Meles IT experts are working hard in order to break into my account and disrupt it. I am using public domain and they are monitoring everything in public domain by extorting the owners. They have all the means and materials to do whatever they want to do."
@YeEthiopiaLej @meetabel @AJStream @AJEnglish glad that information flow is uncontrollable and there are back doors even with DPI in place
@YeEthiopiaLej @meetabel @AJStream @AJEnglish no surprise that is the Telecom we know.
@africamedia_CPJ exactly I would not be surprised if the next draft law would be criminalizing anyone that watch medias other than #ETV
@meetabel @AJStream @AJEnglish Ethiopia has >90m people and has 1% IT penetration which is 900K that is not even 1/4 of the ppltn of #Addis
@universallibert @soleyana @abelpoly Prof.Berhanu was awesome :)
@universallibert @soleyana @abelpoly Nati tenananeqeh ayzoh  ,enem seraye teche sebere legeba new
@meetabel @AJStream @AJEnglish They'll have to confiscate all the s.dishes that r installed in almost evry house or come up with a draft law
@soleyana @universallibert @abelpoly @endalk2006 pps twitter is like chat with serious exchange of ideas,I like, #denqoro.yesema.let.yabedal
@meetabel @AJStream along with #CPJ and #theEconomist , btw both has their sites blocked in #Ethiopia
@africamedia_CPJ there was a program on #ETV the national TV about the impact of #facebook ,showing how unhealthy it is for the society
@universallibert @abelpoly @soleyana hahahah egna muhran
@meetabel #AJStream will soon be criminalized ,@AJStream has repeatedly tried to get the gov rep on today's show.
@AJStream thankyou for the show about the media oppression in #Ethiopia
@universallibert @abelpoly @soleyana if you follow #AJStream it could essentially be an evidence that you are the big T
@AJStream more that 127 sites are blocked in Ethiopia including CPJ and theEconomist
@AJStream the law is open to interpretation to an extent that it can be used against any one that has SKYPE or any VOIP on their computer
@Anteneh73  #AJStream show is about the "draft" law that marks VOIP illegal by #EthiopianGov that has a track record abusing human right
@Anteneh73 U R saying the same thing the #Ethiopian government saying about the journalist that is it holding behind bars :)
@Anteneh73 fair to who ? I really want to know who you are referring to.
#AJStream is going to host a show about the draft law that criminalized VOIP which Shimeles Kemal outright denied two days ago.
@AJStream the spokesman denied that the law was not intended to make SKYPE illegal but still criminalizes VOIP


  1. Emi,be proud of what you did, just to say in short; being the mouth for most Ethiopians rewards & honors you the creditability and accountability towards being human right activist . SO I SAY HERE THE TIME IS COMING TO ANNOUNCE " AFAGNU ENA CHEQUAGNU YeEHADEG(TPLF)MENGIST YITEKEMEWUINA YIBEZEBIZEW YENEBERWUN ETHIOPIAN ena YeETHIOPIAN HIZB ERASU SEFIYW YeETHIOPIA HIZIB BeNETSANET ena BeANDINET TEQUTATROTAL" belive it will be sooner than later !!!!!!

  2. Mahi just do your thing.The dogs never stop their barking but the camel keeps walking.

  3. hahahaa......did the meaning of 'threat' changed since I left Ethiopia or it is still the same? Keep writing, don't be discouraged.

  4. Gena Enitsefal'en Gena Enitsefal'en/2/
    Yemenager mebti'n atinfeg blen'e
    Gena Enitsefal'en !