Friday, December 2, 2011

So Gay Activists are not Terrorist

Weeks back, we found ourselves aching from the arrest of several journalists and politicians accused of terrorism. These individuals have shown and proven that their struggle is to see the respect of human right, the end of oppression, the reign of the rule of law and the installation of the freedom of individuals. But were thrown in prison and are still being prosecuted for terrorism for claiming what is rightfully theirs and of the people they are committed to serve. These were individuals are teachers, journalist and lower working class who could not afford to get a lawyer that would represent them in court .So watching their court trail had me fascinated about our ruling party and the meek individuals that have caused it to be so apprehensive. But then again an Elephant’s biggest scare is a rat and that is not ironic but Mother Nature.
No activist but Gay activists

The prosecution of persons with the question of freedom and individual right ascribes that these are the type of pursuits that must be forgotten and comply to live enduring the silencing governance. But the same system that has no place for freedom of expression and individual rights has a lose end, an open window, a loop hole and an only type of right that it is  willing to entertain –the Gay right. Now this is ironic.

When I first heard about the gay right activists conference I was terribly peeved and irritated not only because this insanely wrongful deed being publicly endorsed by the officials and the ministers but also knowing that this is one of the tricks to provoke the society and divert its attention to something that societal rationale could not accept.

Humilation the Ponzi scheme
In Egypt, the ruling military junta stripped women of both their headscarves and honor when they subjected them for virginity test. In the Muslim majority, this is nothing but a cheap tactic to humiliate and silence. The same is true in a society that calls Homosexuality Gebresedomawi (the work or act of people Sodom that were perished because of their sinful deed) and has no other proper adjective;  above all a society that is religious and conservative on its social and moral values.


The common reaction, as we all know, is “ይህ ጸያፍ ነገር ወደ እኛም ሃገር መጣ፣ ተዋረድን፣ አይ አንቺ አገር and the many people I had talked to were so irritated and felt humiliated by the act. Fathers of the main religions, whom I have lost faith on, denounced the act but were not able to properly address the situation as they were stopped from giving any kind of press release.This is something among the many things they should do, meaning to react to any social and humanitarian crises so that they can truly lead the people they ought to serve. But they time and again have fallen short on several such terms, I still appreciate their minute effort because in the reverse if they had kept silent the disappointment would have been worse since in the past silence have been their way of being oblivious.

So what does this really tell us?

Obviously, this is a way of causing irritation but the breadcrumb is to set an agenda that would silence some in the liberal camp, as this would cause a difference in the consequential position between [opposition and activists vs. the society] and [opposition and activists vs. their struggle for freedom and individual right]. This is about throwing in a circumstance and watching every one fight each other. Therefore, it is wise to not let such schemes catch us of guard. Nevertheless, as a people what is high on our agenda is the freedom of expression, the freedom to live without fear and the freedom to prosper.


  1. Emi,
    did u see this post in it is in Amharic.

  2. An excellent view. It is an inveitable in our nation wodedinim telanim b/c we already lost our base in 1920s. It was an intentional denouncment of ethiopian education.

  3. አንድ ነገር እዚ ጋር።
    Leviticus 18:22 እና Romans 1:26-27 ግብረ ሰዶምን ያወግዛሉ፡፡
    ግን በተመሳሳይ ሁኔታ (ለምሳሌ)Leviticus 18:20 (King James Version) "Moreover thou shalt not lie carnally with thy neighbour’s wife, to defile thyself with her." ይላል።
    በመጽሃፍ ቅዱስ አይን ሁለቱም እኩል ሃጥያት ናቸው። ነገርግን ህብረተሰቡ “ይህ ጸያፍ ነገር ወደ እኛም ሃገር መጣ፣ ተዋረድን፣ አይ አንቺ አገር” እያለ ግር ግር የሚፈጥረው ስለ ግብረሰዶሙ ብቻ ነው።በአይን ውስጥ ያለውን ጉድፍ ትቶ አይመስልሽም ወይ? አብሮን የኖረው ስንት ቤተሰብ የበታተነው እና በሽታ እያስፋፋ ያለው በትዳር ላይ መሄድ ለምንድነው በይፋና በሰፊ ሁኔታ እንዲወገዝ ህዝቡ ሲረባረብ (ግብረ ሰዶምን ለማውገዝ የሚረባረበውን ያህል) የማይታየው?

  4. for once step out of politics and wright some thing about the subject.its amazing,some how u managed to divert the subject of "gay" to the arrest of activists.this tells me u can't say more than “ይህ ጸያፍ ነገር ወደ እኛም ሃገር መጣ፣ ተዋረድን፣ አይ አንቺ አገር” about this specific subject.for starters 1) tell us why USA is enforcing this on poor countries.2)tell us with this specific subject opposition parties in Ethiopia has the advantage of owning the heart of voters in the rural area where EPRDF clams to have their vote.and soooo on

  5. Do you know why we Ethiopians will never be free from tyranny?
    Because of people like you, Emi.
    Because people like you are always willing to suppress and oppress the rights of your fellow Ethiopians.
    How is it your business if someone is gay or not? Shouldn't you be helping out the poor and doing whatever your religion tells you to instead of preaching hate and intolerance?

    Unless everybody in Ethiopia is free then no one can be free, ok? Get that through your thick head. As long as you hate, then there will always be someone hating you because of your religion, ethnicity, economic status or whatever sefer or kiflehager ur from.

    The church has no business meddling into the lives of others. Gay people in Ethiopia are physically and mentally tormented. Why? Is this ok?? You people are idiots. Gay people are human beings. Is it ok to torture someone because he is Oromo? If you love your culture then keep it to yourself.
    Don't try to impose your religious views and values on others. Not everybody shares it, OK????
    Oh, by the way. Guess what. Ethiopia is HALF MUSLIM. Are you going to go to war with them next?

    Don't be an ignorant tool for woyanes and indeed the devil himself. Love all the children of God and first look into your own sinful lives before you scamper to judge.
    There is no more ጸያፍ ነገር ወይም ብልግና than grossly hypocritical people.

  6. Hate monger!
    Shame on you girl. Keep your religion to yourself and your kind. Leave everybody else alone.