Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yenesew: A vigil to cry for tomorrow

      A coworker of mine asked me why there aren't many smart kids in Africa. What he meant was, he doesn't see many African kids getting awarded for their special talent or for their genius minds or for the extra ordinary school project they did. Obviously I could not disagree and above all I became dispirited to explain as I know the rationale that he had developed this from and I did not have a straight outright answer that would make him comprehend what I wanted him to understand – the African reality and what it means to be a typical African in Africa –.Some feel poverty and repression are nothing more than an African taboo that the world can indulge on to satisfy its humanitarian thirst and that it is a problem but is exclusive of life of Africans in Africa as a whole or that it is an inheritances that Africans are bound to live with.