Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reasons why I like a Tiger

A low key:                                                                     Tigers live in solitary ,they are not of the crowd and obviously not attentions seekers unlike a lion,which all its entire life would struggle to live up to meet the expectation of its clan and always struggle to kept that leader title to himself by all means necessary that including killing his own cubs. 

Brave but modest: 
Lions are smaller but strong yet are known to be the king of the jungle because of its bravery .A Tiger is bigger and stronger yet most likely would back out from a fight with a lion just to avoid injury and dispute .But if the Lion insists it is most likely that the Tiger would win the fight.

A Tiger reminds me of a humble person with honesty at heart not afraid to make mistakes,not afraid to show its scares and sins and not afraid to lose


  1. The Lion knows it cannot overcome the Tigeress; however, being such a proud animal, it insists on having a little tiff with her because the lion that oft tasked with impressing his pride simply can't stand receiving a silent treatment from the Tigress...lol

  2. emi, anbesyen atinkbigne:). Anbesa yashefal!!!! if I am destined to die because of animal bite (god forbids), i will pick Anbesa to jump on me. I will admire his grace and symbolism until his teeth touches my flesh. anbesyeeeeeeee!- said the Anbesa fan.

  3. Naod Anbesa is just gura in my next life I want to be a Tiger

  4. I didn't know Tigers have blue eyes. This must be a caucasian Tiger.