Sunday, September 11, 2011

New hope for New Year

I was struggling to get myself out of the daunting mood from the retrospect filled with so many undone tasks and unattained goals to get myself into the vibe of a new year spirit because looking back at 2003 was not that much entertaining rather overwhelming. I don’t mean this in a negative way rather that each day had added a value and experience to my little and not really exciting life. In the midst of this the sight of the mourning faces of former US presidents in one of the memorial service of the 9/11 victims – Flight 93, which was being shown on TV, caught my attention; putting into my incompleteness to be precise.

President Bush, President Clinton and many other officials, one after the other poured their hearts with their tearful eyes in front the families of the victims. I have seen leaders speak to their people about people’s lives lost in tragic moments but not in such a manner. This is so different to the set up I am used to as an Ethiopian. My mind and conscience was made to accept the excuse of lack of tear gas as the justification for the death of civilians. A tear from the eyes of my leaders or moments where they embrace and honor humanity with the people they lead is something that I have never seen.

This is not a political remark but where my moral dilemma lies, as a person with feet in two worlds and having a mind with so many voids but living in the collective dream of others who thrive to achieve their own void. Will my incompleteness ever end or my voids go away? I shall wait and see. But no matter what everything I see tells me that it is a New Year, a new spirit but the same old problem I won’t refrain from hoping for hope because I believe that fear, distress and hope are the only courage that keeps us going and one day that courage will summon for the good.

Moving forward with hope and good wishes is not an optional pursuit but a necessity so here is mine.

Let the New Year be when our common human principles prevail, where our wealth comes from our hard work, our pleasure preserved with our conscience ,our knowledge with character, our businesses led with morality ,our beliefs and religion vested with sacrifice and our Politics with positive principles.

Happy New year Every one


  1. Mahi, Happy New Year.
    Girma Yohannes, Yappy Hew Near, 2004 to you too

  2. DEAR EMI -hand sign confusion pls check it