Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My view on Memher Mulugeta's interview and Dn.Daniel's actions

It is far more than heart breaking for most members of Mahibere Kidusan to witness some regrettable moments that have happened in the past few days. What has made the issues really irking is the way the altercation was handled or inability to keep it under control if not resolve it.
I have wanted to share my take and my view in the matter as a member of the association and because I believe that the public is entitled to know what other members feel about what had happened. But decided to wait and see if any kind of explanation or justification would be given by the personalities involved but none was elicited. So, here is my view put forth

Take 1: On Memher Mulugeta Hailemariam’s interview
Memher Mulugeta’s interview with Inqu (ዕንቁ), the get-go of all this chaos, was mainly about Tehadeso movement in the EOTC. Turned out to back fire a number of questions on him and also Mahibere Kidusan on issues completely unrelated to the topic of the interview , particularly two of his responses about MAHIBERE KIDUSANs member’s political participation and Dn. Daniel kibret’s current status with and within MAHIBERE KIDUSAN. It would be better to see the excerpt of the interview.
ዕንቁ: ማኀበረ ቅዱሳን ገቢውን በወጪ ኦዲተር አያስመረምርም የሚባለውስ ?
መ/ር ሙሉጌታ: በውጪ ኦዲተር ተመርምሮ የተረጋገጠ ሂሣብ በየዓመቱ እንልካለን:: አባ ሠረቀ ብርሃን ይህን ሣያውቁት ቀርተው አይደለም:: ነገር ግን ይሄ ዘመቻ ስም ለማጥፋት የሚመቻቸው ስለመሰላቸው ነው:: አባ ሠረቀ ብርሃን አገር ውስጥ በተቃዋሚ ይከሱናል:: ውጪ ስንሄድ ደግሞ “የ አቡነ ጳውሎስ ካድሬዎች” ተብለን የወቀሳ ናዳ ይውርድብናል:: ማኀበረ ቅዱሳን የማንም ፖለቲካ አላማጅ አይደለም:: እውነቱን ለመናገር አብዛኞቹ የማኀበረ ቅዱሳን አባሎች የኢሕአዴግ ደጋፊና አባላት ናቸው::…
First of all the part of the response “እውነቱን ለመናገር አብዛኞቹ የማኀበረ ቅዱሳን አባሎች የኢሕአዴግ ደጋፊና አባላት ናቸው:” is completely irrelevant to the question asked. Secondly as it is only him who knows why he said it ,it would be pure speculation to try asserting why he did so it is rather better to evaluate the response as is. Hence seeing the response from the factual perspective of MAHIBERE KIDUSAN the information given is completely wrong since the association does not maintain such data nor is it substantial for its service and membership. Memher Mulugeta could in no way know what the political affiliations of the members are and if asked for verification there is nothing official that MAHIBERE KIDUSAN can provide. This is rather a kind of information that only the EPRDF party could give.

The next question that comes is why he said it then. As I have stated above the only true reason is only known to Memher Mulugeta but the guesses I could make is that he is said it either because of pressure he felt after the bold statements made by Sibhat Nega or a pure mistake .

Take 2: On Dn. Daniel Kibret’s action

Dn. Daniel expressed his disappointment on Mulugeta’s response on two questions the first one mentioned above other questions was about Dn. Daniel himself. Here is the link  

Dn. Daniel then gave a full detailed response of his stands and disagreements with the Managment committee and the way the association is functions as a whole. Initially this was posted on Deje-Selam for a short time and later on became viral on the web causing a joyous moment for many who were longing for moments like this. His 20 pager complaint seems rather an effort to expose some wrong regulations and lack proper strategical administration with in MAHIBERE KIDUSAN.
Dn. Daniel, who holds integrity and integral approaches to high standards and advocates procedural way of resolving issues, himself went against his own words and in the due process has posed serious but untrue allegations that could put MAHIBERE KIDUSAN and its members in danger besides not providing anything like a blue print of the solution for the problems he mentioned.This has highly altered the public expression and bedeviled the purpose and objective of Mahibere Kidusan for which Dn. Daniel and many others (founding fathers) had once committed their lives to watch MAHIBERE KIDUSAN become a generation.

Tribulation and perseverance are the two parallels for Christian. Especially for an association as big as MAHIBERE KIDUSAN which has to accommodate large number of members and opinions along with the different streams of service is prone to mistake and shortcomings so at this time of challenge, peaceful dialogue and understanding should be vested with a total respect for our service. MAHIBERE KIDUSAN institutional procedure and process of addressing concerns and claims should be respected by each and every member and these procedures should also be transparent and fair with the full commitment to give the required attention without undermining. This will provide and foster new opportunities and methodologies to enhance our service.

Certainly, I believe, MAHIBERE KIDUSAN will give a detailed response to these claims and resolve the altercation once and for all.Yet we have also learned a lot from what had happened and it has somehow has altered the way we see things and each other, this will definitely add a value to the great culture that MAHIBERE KIDUSAN have and that would be to respect our difference and learn to work them through and if not inclinations will always be to the collective benefit our service.

Each member including Dn. Daniel have to be able to leave the conflict in the past behind us, letting the bygone be a bygone and enter the new world with new energy, forgiveness and the commitment to strengthen our service and spirituality.

For now all I could think of is that Dn.Daniel Kibret who was committed to follow his brothers to Belate (ብላቴ) and set the tracks for spiritual service and board the train called MAHIBERE KIDUSAN. I thank him for that. 


  1. መልካም እይታ ነው እህታችን : ሀላፊነትሽን ስለተወጣሽ ላመሰግንሽ እወዳለሁ:: ትንሽ የምሰጠው አስተያየት "Dn. Daniel then gave a full detailed response of his stands and disagreements with the Executive committee and ..." Executive committee የሚለው በManagement committee ቢተካ መልካም ነው:: ምክንያቱም ቅሬታውን ያቀረበው በስራ አስፈጻሚው ላይ ሳይሆን በስራ አመራሩ ላይ ነው:: ሁለቱ ደግሞ ይለያያሉ::

  2. thank you for writing what i was thinking. both sides made a mistake and for me, i wasn't sure why he(Memher Mulugeta) gave something not only irrelevant but also untrue information. i guess he is the only person who knows why. However, Dn. Daniel did it purposely and like you said " HIMSELF WENT AGAINST HIS OWN WORDS!!!!" It was heartbreaking and shocking.

  3. The damage done by Dn Mule is by far less than the damage done by Dn Dani. I could speculate that dn. Mule said that to protect MK from the propoganda of Aba Serke about MK being anti-EPRDF while dn Dani wrote to protect himself and to revenge his old brothers. Once should not be a rocket scientist to guess as most recent MK members could be EPRDF because of the current system in place by the government (i.e, all university and college studetns should be a member to get a good job/position). It is heartbreaking to see dn. Dani being agianst his words....but as we all know St. Peter also has made a mistake let alone we, the current people, who do not have time to pray excpet for talking and writing. So, we expect Dani to come back to his heart and MK with repentance tears.


  4. Thank you Emi.

    Tanshu, I completely agree with your point. " Mule said that to protect MK from the propoganda of Aba Serke about MK being anti-EPRDF while dn Dani wrote to protect himself and to revenge his old brothers."

    That is what makes me mad at Dn. Daniel.

  5. hod yabawn....endemelut kalhone!! Dn.Mulugeta yetenagerew neger Dn.Daniel yihin tahil endeyawera yemegabizew alneberm!!!! Dnieln miwedewn tahil beseraw telahut!!!!

  6. Mekane Eyesus : Correction has been made and thank you for the comment.

    Anonymous 12:30 am,1:03 am and 7:52 am

    Daniel's claims could drive us mad and heartbreaking but we should never never let hate get the best out of us

  7. emi,

    thank you for your comment on the current issue of MK. you raised and discussed on what mulugeta and Daniel raised.

    But I have some comments on your article.

    For me mahibere kidusan is a public organization. It is not a hidden cell group, or gurella fighter. In the trend of hidden organizations and gurrela fighters every thing is secret. They have a good reason of hiding them selves from their enemy.

    But in case of MK, as it is public, some one has a right to comment about the organization. whether from inside or out side.

    Before three years ago, on the eve of the division of Kinijit,while Dr. Birhanu nega was in sweden Ethiopians raise for him a question.

    Why Lidetu criticize the party even though he is a senior member.

    Dr. Birhanu defend his right of criticism. And even say '' if an organization block the right of his members to criticize it publicly, this organization has no life,,

    W ether he is emotional or not, daniel bring the ass to the public. He criticize his own mahiber. I think Daniel bring a new culture for our society. In the past of our history, specially in faith based organization, only the opponents criticize the organization, and the followers defend for that.

    But now the one who loves it, the one who sacrifices for it and the one who is the highest member of it bring the issue.

    For every moment there is a starting point. it may be accidental. Dn. mulugeta's interview may be the accidental cause to bring the issue to the public.

    secondly, Dn. Daniel bring Mk issue not only for the sake of exposure, rather to ridiculous mulugetas claims. Mulugeta claim that Daniel leaves his position in MK because of dis agrement in working conditions, But daniel explain that is not true. He resign because he and the amerar disagree on basic matters, not in working conditions. And he put in detail the four differeces of Him with MK Amerar.I know there were email circulations before seven months. The SIX BIG BROTHERS wrote some ideal letter for sira amerar and audit and inspection. But the concerned bodies keep quiet. Not only the amerar the SIX BIG BROTHERS also become silent on the matter.

    MK amerar and Daniel start to discuss the issues, but they didn't go far, the so called "ATARY AND ASTARAQI COMMITTEE'' didn't report back how the issue is going. Every one keeps silent.

    After Mulugeta gives an interview Daniel, Abayineh and others start to question the amrerar, because of its silent for the issues raised. They Agree with mulugeta in the issues.They closed their doors for discussion. You can learn these from the letter written by Dn. abayineh kassie.

    Now the historical article of Dn. Daniel come to public.

    this moment brings different results
    1. for the first time MK summons emergency meeting to discuss the issue.
    2. The branches taking the initiative by writing their ideas on the matter and urging the emergency meeting.

    From every corner of the world different groups push both parties to sit and discuss the matter boldly.

    4. Last, but not least Mk will never be as last time. It will evaluate it self,correct its mistakes, take action on its own members and re-birth energetically to defend the church.

    Emi, I know Daniel is in USA, so why not you interview him on the matter boldly, like BBC? why not you challenge him? I expect it from you.

    Thank you Sister.

    Ewnetu Yitayew.Addis Ababa

  8. Behailu DessalegnAugust 3, 2011 at 5:20 PM

    Enough! it has been said a lot to this issue. Let us turn our heart to serve the church(ch iristians)and to pray. Satan is stealing our valued time,emotion & soul.We did n't work hard about unity but we r taking a lot about two indivi duals' opinion.Please leave this issue aside AND let us back to bas
    ics.i.e z Gospel.'wede misrak temelketu'.don 't look at to creatures.
    Behailu Dessalegne

  9. ይኼንን ነበር ከበፊት ጀምሬ ለመቃዎም የፈለኩት:: ቤተክርስቲያን መንፈሳዊ እንጂ አለማዊ መድረክ የላትም:: ቤተክርስቲያን ችግር ቢገጥማት እዛው በራሷ ደጀሰላም የሚፈታ እንጂ ደጇን ረግጠው በማያውቁ አለማውያን ጦማሪዎች የሚፈተፈት ጉዳይ አልነበረም::ወንጀል አልተሰራ : ሕዝብ ሁሉ ይወቀው የሚያስብል ጥፋት ሳይጠፋ በተወሰኑ ሰዎች ግላዊ ቅራኔ የተነሳ ይኼ ሁሉ ትርምስ ያሳፍራልም ያሳዝናልም::እንቁ መፅሔት እዚህ ጉዳይ ውስጥ ምን አገባው? አቦይ ስብሐት!? ያነበብነው እና የሰማነው ነገር በሙሉ በእውነት ሚዲያ ላይ መውጣት ያለበት ጉዳይ ነው?

    እኛም እኮ አበዛነው:: እንደ ክርስቲያን በቀን አንዲት የዳዊት መዝሙር ማንበብ ተስኖን ደብሊው ደብሊው ደብሊው ዶት ደጀሰላም ዶት ኮም እየቀጠቀጥን የሰዎችን አቤቱታ እና ሐሜት በማንበብ ከተጠምድን አስቸጋሪ ነው የሚሆነው ስለነሱ ስህተት መወያያ መድረክ በመፍጠር እግዚያብሔርን እናስደስተዋለን ብለን ከሆነ ትልቅ ስህተት ነው:: ሁላችንም በየግላችን ብሎግ እየከፈትን እኩይ ተግባሮችን ማራገቡ የትም አያደርሰንም:: እስኪ በኢንተርኔት ላይ ሰው ተወያይቶ የተስማማባቸው እና ወደ አንድ ሚዛናዊ ፍርድ የሔደባቸው ጉዳዮች አግኝተን እናውቃለን?! ሁላችንም በየግላችን ጋዜጠኛ እና ደራሲ የመሆን ጉጉታችንን ከሆነ ብሎግ የሚያስከፍተን በቤተክርስቲያናችን እና በምእምናኖች ዘንድ ስለሚነሱት ችግሮች እና ውዝግቦች ትንተና(አናሊሲስ) መስጠት አቁመን ስለሌሎች ጉዳዮች እንፃፍ::ከሁሉም በላይ ግን የቤተክርስቲያንን ችግሮች በየፌስቡኩ አንዘክዝከው:: ሰውን እንጂ እግዚያብሔርን በዚያ አናስደስተዉም:: ጊዜው የኢንፎርሜሽን ጊዜ ነው ብለን ሁሉን ነገር እዚህ አናምጣው:: ካመጣንም ከቤተክርስቲያን መልካሙን ዜና : ቅዳሴዋን : መዝሙሯን እና ትምህርቷን ቢሆን ይመረጣል:: ከመንፈሳዊ ዙሪያ ኢንተርኔት አጠቃቀማችን ሁሌ ስለሚከነክነኝ ትንሽ ስሜታዊነት አሳይቼ አስቀይሜ ከሆነ ይቅርታ::

  10. What Dn.Daniel wrote and call it response never balance Memiher Mulugeta's interview; rather Dn.Daniel was waiting for such opportunity to write what ever he felt. What surprised me is that our brothers lack spirituality.Did Dn.Daniel consider any spiritual benefit to be gained from what he wrote before he release it to the public? I do not think that he even take a moment to see this as a spiritual person.Our brothers teach us to pray but they do not practice it; as a result they start to depend on their knowledge-this is what is reflected on Dn.Daniel's TSIHUF.One has to be spiritual to serve the church, only motive/drive does not work by itself.MAHIBERE KIDUSAN GIN BE SEWOCH AYIMEZENIM.

    A member from Maryland

  11. Poll on public trust (my guess)

    Before: Dn Daniel 100%
    After : Dn Daniel 0%

    I will post poll on one of the accomplice who lives in North America


  12. በየትኛው አሰራር ነው የማህበረ ቅዱሳን ችግር(ቢሆን እንኳን) መናፍቅ አህዛብ በሚካፈሉበት የውይይት መድረክ የሚፈታው? ዳንኤል እኮ በማናቸውም አሰራር የማይደገፍ አካሔድ ለአባላት መልዕክት እየላከ ውዥንብር ሲፈጥር የነበረ ሰው ነው።እሱ የግድ በአመራሩ አካሔድ እኮ መስማማት የለበትም። እሱ አንድ ግለሰብ፤እኔ አውቃለሁ ባይ፤ እነሱ ከገጠር እስከ ከተማ ከሀገር ውስት እና ውጭ ያሉ አባላት ተወካዮች ናቸው፤ እንዴት እናደራድራቸዋለን? የሚጠየቁበት አሰራር ፤ ሪፖርት የሚያቀርቡበት ጊዜ፡የተወሰን ያገልግሎት ዘመን እያላቸው? ካጠፉ ያቆማሉ፤ ባያጠፉም ይቀየራሉ። ምን የተደበቀ ነገር አለ?ዳንኤል እኮ ሳይስማማ የነበረው በየጊዜው ከነበሩ አመራሮች ጋር ነው።
    ዳንኤል የራሱ አጀንዳ አለው። ከማንም የሰማሁት ሳይሆን፤ ራሱ በጽሑፉ ላይ የተናገራቸው ቃላቶች ታሪካዊ እማኞች ሆነው ይኖራሉ።
    ትዕቢት፤ አውቃለሁ ባይነት እንደነበረበት ዱሮም እናውቃለን፤ በየመድረኩ ሳይጠነቀቅ የሚናገራቸው ነገሮች አስተውሎ ላዳመጣቸው ልጁ ጭፍን አመለካከት እናዳለው እያሳዩን፤ብዙዎች ግን አገልግሎቱ እያመዘነብን ወይም ራሳችን ከዜሮ በታች ዝቅ እያደረግን ቻልንለት፤ዝም አልን ፤ሸፋፈንለት እንጂ፤ አሁን ግን በአደባባይ አወጣው።
    ኧረ ጎበዝ ሰው አንመን!!!! ይልቁኑም እንደማኅበረቅዱሳን ያለ ጠንካራ አሰራር ያለው መዋቅር ተግባራዊ እናድርግ።
    በአጭሩ ለዳንኤል ማኔ ቴቄል ፋሬስ የሚለውን መልዕክት ላስታውሰው እወዳለሁ። አሁን ወ ደልቡ ካልተመለሰ ውጤቱን በተግባር ያየዋል። ከሰው ልብ ከወጡ…. በቃ ይግባኝ የሌለው ፍርድ ነው።

  13. በማወቅ እና ተናግሮ በማሳመን ብቻ መመዘን ካለ በዓለም ላይ ዲያቢሎስን የሚያክለውም የሚቀድመውም፤ የለ። ክርስቲያን ሰው ግን ምግባር እና እምነትን ጨምሮ ከጥፋት ራሱን እና ሌሎችንም ወደ ዘላለም ሕይወት ይመራል።

  14. ማኅበረ ቅዱሳን ግንዘባቸውን ዕውቀታቸውን እያበረከቱ ቤተክርስቲያንን የሚያገልግሉ ሚሊዮኖች ሀብት እንጂ የጥቂት ብላቴን የተሳለሙ ሰዎች የግል ሀብት አይደለም፤ ምንም እንኳን ክሬዲቱ ቢኖራቸውም። እኔ ነኝ መስራቹ እያሉ የታሪክ ሽሚያ፤ ለውድቀት እንጂ ለአገልግሎት አይሆንም

  15. ትዕቢት፤ አውቃለሁ ባይነት እንደነበረበት ዱሮም እናውቃለን፤ በየመድረኩ ሳይጠነቀቅ የሚናገራቸው ነገሮች አስተውሎ ላዳመጣቸው ልጁ ጭፍን አመለካከት እናዳለው እያሳዩን፤ብዙዎች ግን አገልግሎቱ እያመዘነብን ወይም ራሳችን ከዜሮ በታች ዝቅ እያደረግን ቻልንለት፤ዝም አልን ፤ሸፋፈንለት እንጂ፤ አሁን ግን በአደባባይ አወጣው
    Do you see the difference between you and Daniel. You and most like you believes in hiding the mistakes. Accepting even you know some thing is not correct. But Daniel not.

    The only mistake He did is not covering the ass in the name of ""GEMENA''. That is why I said He bring New culture to MK. Facing The problem publicly rather than hiding it. Like St. Paul did on st. Peter In Galatia chap. 2. Good job boy.
    Ewnetu yitayew

  16. አንደሰው ሁላችንም አናጠፋለን ተሳሳተ አጠፋ ብለን የምንወቅስው ሰው በሱ አስተሳሰብ ልክ ሊሆን ይችላል። ዲ/ን ሙሉጌታን አንቺ በተረዳሺው መልኩ አንዳይረዱት የሚያደርግ ብዙ ነገር ይኖራቸዋል። ዲ/ን ዳንኤልንም አንደዛው። አኛም አንድን ሰው ስንመዝን ውስጣችን ስለዛ ሰው መልካምነት ብቻ የሚያስብ ከሆነ ጥፋቱን ለበጎ አድርጎት ነው ለጥፋት ሆን ብሎ አደረገው ብለን አናስብም ። አንድ መጥፎ ሰው መልካም ቢሰራ መልካሙን ሥራ ደሞ ለምን ተንኮል አስቦት ነው ይህን ያረገው ብለን በዛ አስተያየታችንን አንሰጣለን። አኔ ዲ/ን ዳንኤል በፃፈው ብዙም ያላዘንኩት ከ ቀናት በፊት በ መስፍን ነጋሽ የተፃፈውን ''ስብሐት፣ ከ ጳውሎስ አስከ ማኅበረ ቅዱሳን'' የሚለውን ስላነበብኩ ነው። ያው አሱም አንዱ የመሀበሩ አባል ይመስለኛል ካልተሳሳትኩ። አናም አኔ የሚመስለኝ ሁላችንም የራሳችንን አስተያየት ትተን ። ተነጋግረው ተስማምተው በፍቅር የሚያገለግሉበት ሁኔታ መፈጠር ያለበት ይመስለኛል።

  17. To the last, but the second Anonymous:

    keep in mind that most of Daniel's allegations are irrelevant or unrelated to the day to day operations of MK. Example
    FIRST: what is the point of extremely exaggerated poilitical statements? it doesn't have any relations with MK weaknesses.
    Second: he and all other members know that MK has strategies. He could have said that those strategies are not working or not fruitful, BUT he completely denied the existence of one.
    Third: he twisted Dn Mulugeta's words about Sunday Schools
    Fourth: he felt sympethatic towards Tehadiso by portraying them as scape got for MK internal problems. SO WHERE DO WE SEE HONESTY, RELVENACY IN HIS STATEMENT?

  18. http://www.mahletzesolomon.com/2011/07/so-assange-really-thinks-wikileak-is.html#comments

  19. I am sorry I don't want to west my time to reading a blog.unknown sender sent me this link then I have decide to post my comment.You know why most of them judging others.Please Don't Judge!Just Don't Do it!This is my brother advice.Make sure every thing you do done in love!when you are judging there is a luck of love.Love doesn't expose the sin of others.Love doesn't dizayer to separate.Love cover of the sin or weakens of other.Lover carry the weakens or sin of others.
    when we judge others,so we can put them down and lift our self up.You hope to see the short coming the weakens the sin of another person you can fell better about your self.We always when we put down others to left our self up.What happen? how long is last? very short time.Humble yourself before the lord and he will left you up.Pride lives judging and causes separation but humility then brows other to your self.
    Please humble your self
    Other wise it is from evil sprite.
    Unless we stop judging never come the unit of our church.
    There is his own time
    for every thing.One day the true will come out.When you make sin you can dell with sin no problem, the worst thing is
    confusion because we fell that always we wright. so we do not know whether we make a sin or not that is
    why it is worst.we will not get time to re paint and because we don't know our sin.
    Every evil thing about our church fabricated and distributed with finance to our home from diaspora they try to make confusion.Please take care.

  20. Dear Emi, thank you for bringing this issue for discussion, but what makes you think what ever posted in Inqu magazine are exact words of Dn.Mulugeta? I know him very closely and I doubt he said any of those controversial statements. Actually I think this magazine is funded by anti- MK groups whose main aim is to divide and destroy the association.

  21. Do you know that Dn. Daniel prepares a letter of resignation from MK? He hold it temporarily because some of the friends urged him not to do it now. He loose MK and MK may loose him. Unforgettable history.

    MMS, Mk head office.

  22. Matthew 7:24-27
    You people are fake and there is no true Holy Spirit in many of you. MK is built on sand and it will eventually crumble.

  23. Dani is the man!
    ምንጭ፡-አዲስ ዘመን ነሐሴ 12 ቀን 2003ዓ.ም. 70ኛ ዓመት ቁጥር 342)

    [Image]ቪዥን ኢትዮጵያ ፎረ ዲሞክራሲ የተባለ መንግስታዊ ያልሆነ ድርጅት መልካም ዜጋን በመቅረጽ እና የመልካም አስተዳደር ተግባራትን በማጠናከር ረገድ ከፍተኛ አስተዋጽኦ አድርገዋል ያላቸውን አራት ግለሰቦች ሊቀ ዲሞክራት እና ስድስት ግለሰቦችን ‘’የዓለም የሰላም አምባሳደር’’ የሚል ማዕረግ ሰጥቷል፣ በዚህም የነገረ ቤተክርስቲያን ተመራማሪ እና ደራሲ የሆነው ዲ/ን ዳንኤል ክብረት ‘’የዓለም የሰላም አምባሳደር’’ የሚል ማዕረግ ሰጥቶቷል፡፡

    ስነስርዐቱ ላይ በመገኘት ማዕረጉን የሰጡት ፕሬዚዳንት ግርማ ወልደጊዮርጊስ ሲሆኑ የፌደራል ጉዳዮች ሚንስትር ዶ/ር ሽፈራው ተክለማርያም ‘’የዓለም የሰላም አምባሳደር’’ የሚል ማዕረግ ካገኙት ግለሰቦች አንዱ ናቸው፡፡ ቪዥን ኢትዮጵያ ፎረ ዲሞክራሲ ዋና ዳይሬክተር አቶ ታደለ ደርሰህ በስነስርዐቱ ላይ እንደገለጹት የተመረጡት ግለሰቦች በግልና በመንግስታዊ ተቋማት የላቀ ሥራ የሰሩ ናቸው፡፡ የዜጎች መብት እንዲታወቅ ና እንዲከበር ከፍ ያሉ ተግባራት አከናውነዋል አርአያና ምሳሌ ሆነው የሚጠቀሱም ናቸው ድርጅታችን ወደፊትም እንዲህ ያሉ ግለሰቦችንና ኃላፊዎችን ለተግባራቸው ዕውቅና በመስጠት የመሸለም ሥራ እንደሚሰራ ገልጸዋል፡፡ ለአገልግሎት ባሕር ማዶ የሚገኘው ዲ/ን ዳንኤል ክብረትም በባለቤቱ አማካኝነት የማዕረግ ስጦታውን ተቀብሏል

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