Saturday, June 11, 2011


On the forte night of Ameneh Bahrami case, that was granted “An eye for an eye”, sentence was postponed after raising an outrage by many international  groups, our own gruesome story of Tigist Kebede happened.Her ex-husband ,the father of her two children, beat her and then threw acid on her face and her entire body. What Is common between the two is that the victimizers are both men .
As common as it is to hear such stories the sexism that is fostered is always ignored and is often considered only as inhuman.

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  1. If the goal of punishment is prevention, "an eye for an eye" does not seem to me to be an effective strategy. However if the goal of punishment is conceived in terms of retribution, hideous crimes such as those inflicted on Ameneh and Tigist merit hideous punishment. Between these two extremes--retribution and prevention--there should lie the goal of punishment. For example, the judges could sentence the sexist degenerates to slavery so they could begin to help defray the monetary cost of the medical care required to sustain the lives of Amenah, Tigist and others hurt by these actions.