Friday, May 6, 2011

For the love of Symmetry

And why is one so awkward ? and which one ?

Radio Lab is one of my favorite radios.Their episodes are in light of the crosscut of natural science,philosophy in relation to the trivial experiences we have once in a while. This time they have done an episode about one of my other favorite thing - Symmetry. 

Take a listen 


  1. symetry ejig betam tiru neger new
    ke geja sefer.

    i would love it, hopefuly, when i got headphone.

    gin batekalay symetri tiru neger new lemalet new amesegnalew

  2. Hahaha asteyayetun beaseteyayetenet teqebelenewal

  3. I like it. But I don't know how to apply the concept to myself. Does bold head has symmetry?

  4. Although I enjoyed it hearing and appreciate the way the guys presented it, I do not think I will buy any of it. I chose to believe in reality than some thing that is abstract. Neither want to leave things to chance or belief, what ever it is. Anyway, I lost my hour

  5. Most of the bloggers, I hope You are mixed up the spiritual and political life.I am sorry to say that You are look like Hippocrates.
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