Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Do Ethiopians complain ? I don't think we complain enough

When I posed this question, I was actually referring to Ethiopians as a society not as individuals. In both cases however I feel we don’t complain enough or even ask why to an extent that would translate to action.
As a society:
Complaining from whining to protesting requires some sort a reference or norm for right and wrong and which could only be developed by sharing ideas and opinion giving birth to a new idea that compromises for both ideas but in a society like ours that fails short of such space and prefer to silence any opinion what so ever will never feel the pressure of negativity or we may call it oppression or even if it does, it won’t feel it is its innate right to demand for correction and setting a goal in positive intention.
Whining internally and taking this to action and demanding for correction are two different things. But engaging too much in the former will exhaust the energy that demands for change and the process for change. As complaining by itself has a negative energy and should not be timeless when contrasted it will upshot an intender whose intentions are timeless and as a society we need intenders for substantive change.
I don’t think humility or being religious will make one docile, in actuality it would make one assertive,patient and determined.
In other societies complaining, in its misused form, has become so addictive that people complain about cultural nudity that is shown on a documentary show on TV is offensive and demand the show to be terminated. How about that for a lame reflection of reality ?
Here is the poll if you want to slide in your voice on the topic

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  1. "ንጉስ አይከሰስ ሰማይ አይታረስ" mentality still do exist with us and we wouldn't complain (rather demand) for a fair service or our right. This led us now for an era like now which we will literary beg to get any sort of service with our money from mindless civic servants and service providers as well as price fixers of private business. so that we now lead our life by "take it or leave it" principle.