Saturday, March 19, 2011

Failed prevention or made up ? - Jimma

     It has been three months since we are held in a fire of revolt that have shocked the world. North Africa and the Middle East autocratic regimes are affect one way or another. Some totalitarians, those of Tunisia and Egypt, have fallen and some are on the way. This fever of revolution has inspired many states and the people that are oppressed and ruled under an autocratic regime, making the sits of the dictators to burn ever than before.

    The regional responses varied to a level of extreme cruelty as in the case if Libya, Bahrain and Sudan nevertheless the case of Djibouti, Algeria, morocco and Jordan are still being blazing. The revolutions were initiated by the youth who have come from the different walks of life, poor, rich professionals, and laymen. What united them was the common question of freedom. This has cleaned the dust off the question in the minds of many Ethiopians making them think of the possibilities of struggling for an oppression-free Ethiopia.
     In the midst of all this, we were intercepted with an incident in Jimma, Church burnings that left two people dead and many to be displaced. This has made the communities, involved in the violence, furious. Christians have responded condemning the act and action taken by the government as being too late.
The Prime minister said that kawarja ,an extremist group, is responsible for the violence and are now hunting down and arresting those claimed to be suspects for committing the crime. Tension is understandable and justice to the victims is a must as it is essential to hold the vicious cycle of revenge but it is often essential to know and understand the underlying cause and the instigating force of such violence.
    In a country like Ethiopia where such sectarian clashes are rare, the one thing that cannot be ruled out is that the institution through which the state power of justice is exercise has failed to create fear in individuals of the possibility of being punished particularly in a region like Jimma where prior cases of conflict have occurred. As a result perpetrators who claim to represent one set of community can systematically instigate violence that can result in mass atrocities. 
     On the other hand, for a regime that oppresses and dictates its people ,people revolution in neighboring countries creates a concern of being next in the queue of being toppled.Consequently shifting the attention  and engaging the public in a local conflict that is deterring the unity of sects from maintaining integrity and raising the question of freedom and democracy is a way of trying to buy time or preventing similar upraising from happening.
    In any one of the correlation between the popular upraising in ME and intentionally provoked violence or a mass violence and state that can't reinforce peace, the outcome is only one.The people should continue to be aware and to question the state that has failed to vindicate the basic rights for its citizens.

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