Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tahrir moments

February 1st, the million man March; an enormously prominent movement of humanity. It was really 1 million and even more, as the informal organizers have intended it to be. It really grabbed my attention as it has developed and progressed right before my eyes so I started followed it and Jan25 revolution immensely. I am not fervent of politics and I don’t know to what and how it translates when measured through calipers of political analysis but for me, it has given the sense of contentment of being human. A being, that always finds a way to find freedom and liberation.
There were moments that worth a million words and gives me goose bumps every time I think about them.Each day had its own face not from side of politics  but from the vantage point of the creation of God, who in His infinite goodness and love willed existence, or being, from out of nothing or non-being and by an act of His almighty will, created us, distinct from Himself, capable of knowing and sharing in His existence and goodness. Yet the world is biased with social views, prejudice and racism. Ones power and stability costing the life of others.
Here are just few of them. I will keep on updating these by day and days to come
Feb 1: A transcribed voice mail from twitter
“The streets are wonderful right now; I hope the police always stay off it. Movement is easy, giving people a peace of mind. I am going out right now to protest, and it does not matter if I never come back. It makes no difference. Long live Egypt!”
Feb 2: The day the pro government demonstrators pulled their medieval act on the pro-democracy demonstrators riding on the back of horses and camels carrying sticks and knifes. They beat and killed their own brothers and sisters who were evidently struggling for the freedom of all even for those who were killing them.
Feb 3: The arrest of Sandmonkey, and the mere coincidence that I got to read his last note from his blog before the site was block. Fortunately he was released the same day.
Feb 3 – 4: Feb 4th the day of departure, the big day and largest demonstration that was expected to happen but right before hours of the curfew ended, government officials confiscated equipments from every journalist who was reporting from different parts of the country causing a media blackout the loopholes were twitter, cell phones and the live radio online. It was fear-provoking anticipate the proceeding action that followed. Hilarious and at the same time pitiful happening on this day was Mubarak’s claim he is “fed up” of power he would resign from his first term if was not for his fear that things will be chaotic if he does. Shocker.
Feb 5: The rather peaceful Saturday which rather galvanized the protestors unity .Their initial demand for Mubarak to leave was transform for Mubarak to be prosecuted.:)
Feb 5 - 6: Not much, just the MB negotiation with government officials which obviously failed. But for a reason I don’t know may be I doped myself too much with #Jan25, I blacked out, I could not sleep, and all I think about was Tahrir and following their tweets. I even checked when and where people were eating, drinking and PA stands for charging their cell phones and laptops.
I realized politics has emotion cost.
Feb 7,8,9,10 are coming soon stay tuned


  1. I was followeing too .They were very impressive how they organized themselves.
    Thanks keep us posted

  2. Feb 10
    The Revolution!!

  3. yeap Feb 10 is/was a revolution and ended making every one furious