Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ባትወዱኝ ነው የሚገርመኝ

I came home from work a little late than my usual hour.I did not have much to do ,just wanted to enjoy a quieter office as every one had left early for their valentine dates. I saw a heart shaped box hanging on my door nob as I came up the stairs.I was thinking "Oh my cupid left me a gift .." just to find out it was my apartment management.It is cupid if you think about it just a mean one.
It says 

"We love having you as our resident" + (just for your money)

Well I have  come up with my thank you note for the management for their "thoughtful" effort

Dear Managements 
I don't know what other things you manage but I really know that you manage  my money .You know how I know that ? The day I got a raise in office you managed to come up with raise in the rent.And yeah I know you love me (money) I mean why wont you, you take half my salary and send me coupons for safeway.Yeah and thank you for increasing my rent by +250 dollars and offering a free carpet cleaning.
And almost forgot your token of scorn - box of chocolate, thank you ..not!

P.S. I loathe you too  


  1. I got a letter in Spanish. Your chocolate is by far better emi.

  2. That is even worse, they are so shrewed