Monday, February 28, 2011

Our beautiful Church

ከዚያም እልፍ ብሎ ሌላ ጕድጓድ አስቈፈረ፥ ስለ እርስዋም አልተጣሉም ስምዋንም ርኆቦት ብሎ ጠራት እንዲህ ሲል፦ አሁን  እግዚአብሔር አሰፋልን፥ በምድርም እንበዛለን።ኦሪት ዘፍጥረት 2622 

Today St Raguel Church was inaugurated for the second time. It is a bit stunning to hear the cause of the second inauguration as it was a paradox to the very nuance of Christianity. This note tells that.

In Christianity it is always jubilation when a lost sheep (soul of Christian that has grown spiritually weak) is found and returned to the herd. Increase in number is a sign of strength and good spirit for the long journey in spiritual life as it gives a sense of courage for those who worship together even though God's presence in the midst of his people is regardless of the number as it says "For where two or three are assembled in my name, I am there among them.”

St.Raguel Church was first commemorated on Sept 11/2010 and started giving service to Dulles, VA area laity. For the people, who they had to drive 40 to 50 minutes to get to a nearby Ethiopian church, this was a great gift. 
But after three weeks the property-owner of the church informed that they are concerned about the number of the people attending the mass as it was increasing by day. In point of fact the increment was not twice or trice but 5 times that of the expected amount consequently they told us to leave. 
The Church was closed, I rather say the service was inconvenient-made for few weeks. But with the help of the Almighty God a new place was found and the service of St.Raguel church was able to be maintained.

To be honest, today has been one of the few happiest days I had in US ;for two reasons:
The first being the amazing gift that God gave us, as this is the most spiritually beautiful Church which is far better than the first one.
And second, even though the new space is much bigger than the first one. From the number of people that attended the mass today, I would say we will still run out of space soon.And we are going to say 
አሁን  እግዚአብሔር አሰፋልን፥ በምድርም እንበዛለን። 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

An article by Eskinder Nega from Ethiopian review

Libya’s Gadhafi and Ethiopia’s EPRDF
By Eskinder Nega | February 25, 2011

Strange as this may sound, there is a mainstream in the unsanctioned confederacy of dictators. Whether of the present times or from the distant past, the mainstream dictator is usually decidedly understated, more often than not a loner, eccentric in private habits, and almost as a trademark, lives in a complex world of paranoia.

Moammar Gadhafi indeed shares some of these traits, but also markedly stands out as part of a glitzy species much disdained by the cool mainstream: the buffoon dictators.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not all humiliations are forgiven

Few days back I read this article which I found the link posted on friend's page on face book. The blog is an eye witness’s report of an incident that happened in Addis. An incident  which numbs the nuance and the very thought that seeks for a refined-purpose.

A father and a son were on their way to watch the football match between Banks and St. George, just the one thing a dad and a son can do in their men time. A robber, who was there to steal from any member of the  public and was being chased by the police, cut passed the father. Apparently the father could not do anything to stop the guy as he was protecting his son as it is the first obligation of any citizen; which requires family to come first.

Here is where the story begins: The police, the so called protectors of the public, held the father responsible for the escape of the thief and abused him verbally, humiliating him publicly in front of his son and everybody.
The policemen, who possess a mind or a conscience that is not any better than that of greyhound dogs that chase an artificial rabbit unaware of the race they are in, does not even know who they work for or does not understand what servicing the public mean and with the absolute evasion of the notion and fundamentals of human right. They called the father a sissy, for he wipe out of fear, intimidation and humiliation. They don’t seem to realize the contained power that humiliation ignites.

Bouazizi was humiliated in public and slurred at by municipal officers just because he was trying to earn a living and feed his family. He pleaded for his voice to be heard but none were willing to listen. He doused himself in gasoline and alighted himself. He became the beacon of an unstoppable revolution. 
Our policemen should be careful about the buttons they press because once it ignites a spark there would not be any U-turn.And every head that has bowed, will raise.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Someone owe us ,women, an apology

OK, I know we have plenty of phrases that either degrade or some how show resentment towards women but I did not think that it went this far.
I mean, most of them are not used or are completely forgotten but I could not pass with out noting that there was apparently a time when all this phrases and proverbs were best tools of mockery or purposed to marginalize women.
 I have enjoyed most of them , honestly they cracked me up 
Enjoy !!!
source: "Setoch be Ethiopia"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mubarak and Tom

Tom stays too...

Watch the whole clip 

ወይ መመሳሰል 

ባትወዱኝ ነው የሚገርመኝ

I came home from work a little late than my usual hour.I did not have much to do ,just wanted to enjoy a quieter office as every one had left early for their valentine dates. I saw a heart shaped box hanging on my door nob as I came up the stairs.I was thinking "Oh my cupid left me a gift .." just to find out it was my apartment management.It is cupid if you think about it just a mean one.
It says 

"We love having you as our resident" + (just for your money)

Well I have  come up with my thank you note for the management for their "thoughtful" effort

Dear Managements 
I don't know what other things you manage but I really know that you manage  my money .You know how I know that ? The day I got a raise in office you managed to come up with raise in the rent.And yeah I know you love me (money) I mean why wont you, you take half my salary and send me coupons for safeway.Yeah and thank you for increasing my rent by +250 dollars and offering a free carpet cleaning.
And almost forgot your token of scorn - box of chocolate, thank you ..not!

P.S. I loathe you too  

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Ethiopian blog and gallery I discovered...

I really like the title of this one and the extreme simplicity of the web theme and design. 

It doesn't tell about who the honor of it is but it surely is run by an Ethiopian or person with serious focus on Ethiopia :).Check out the archive you would know what I mean Archive
The other is a satire cartoonist website and a good one
There are more Ethiopian blogs on my "My fav" list ,check them out


My new coworker just settled in her new apartment and bought two golden fishes just to warm her home which apparently has no amenities except her bed and now a fish net. She was so excited about owning a fish jar and amusing herself by the fishes. Last Friday she had told me that she was going to clean the jar and for that she had another jar that she had to fill with water and add a special powder that attenuates the chlorine in tap water – transfer the fishes to it and clean their home jar.

In the middle of our chit chat, this Friday, I asked her how her fishes were doing. She said “they died...” and she lowered her face and started to explain of how it happened."Last Friday I checked on them, they were ok, at least I thought they were.They were still but with their eye wide open they were sleeping as fishes do that.” “They do that, don’t they?” expecting an assurance for her uncertainty “but in the morning, when I took them out with the net, they were dead, I could not believe it” she continued. Just to make her feel better I said “It is ok, you can get another one and take care of them well though ” “No no I am not getting any, because I don’t want to let them die and I don’t want to be responsible for their death” she asserted . I could see her wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes. She found out later that they lacked oxygen and they died because of it.

She was devastated to a level that she felt she had let a friend down. Apparently friendship is sometimes like that .It is all about giving the space to breathe in and breathe out and giving the ears and the shoulder to the one in need. On the other hand, however, friendship is a process of building a character. It is about bringing or to be the token of goodwill to break a resentment and satisfaction in place of unhappiness.

Life in its jiffy brings people to us may be for a reason or a season.These I call my answered prayers or Gods way of doing his miracles. Friends are those who ,after you turn your back feeling everything is over and that they have walked out of your life, you see them peeking in just to check if you are doing well. The ones you feel their warmth even though they are not around.

There is something about friendship that is indescribable and strange like the love between David and Nathan.They were so different from each other, one rich and the other poor yet they read each others mind. Even though Nathan knew that David had done so many dreadful things ,he called him "You are the man" forgiving him and moving past the hurdles of their life.And their love was beautifully described like this 

" ዳዊትም ለሳኦል መናገሩን በፈጸመ ጊዜ የዮናታን ነፍስ በዳዊት ነፍስ ታሰረች፥ ዮናታንም እንደ ነፍሱ ወደደው። ዮናታንም እንደ ነፍሱ ስለ ወደደው ከዳዊት ጋር ቃል ኪዳን አደረገ። "

This is dedicated to Edu ,Mesi , Abiy Mekonnen, Tsegaye Mekuria  and sweet cousin Yared Mulate who have managed to be my friend baring my character.

Y’all good peeps 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

ዮናስም በዓሣው ሆድ ውስጥ ሆኖ ወደ አምላኩ ወደ እግዚአብሔር ጸለየ፥ እንዲህም አለ።

በመከራዬ ሳለሁ ወደ አምላኬ ወደ እግዚአብሔር ጮኽሁ፥ እርሱም ሰማኝ፤ በሲኦልም ሆድ ውስጥ ሆኜ ጮኽሁ፥ ቃሌንም አዳመጥህ።ወደ ጥልቁ ወደ ባሕሩ ውስጥ ጣልኸኝ፥ ፈሳሾችም በዙሪያዬ ነበሩ፤ ማዕበልህና ሞገድህ ሁሉ በላዬ አለፉ።እኔም።ከዓይንህ ፊት ተጣልሁ፤ ነገር ግን ወደ ቅዱስ መቅደስህ ደግሞ እመለከታለሁ አልሁ።ውኆችም እስከ ነፍሴ ድረስ ከበቡኝ፤ ጥልቁ ባሕር በዙሪያዬ ነበረ፤ የባሕሩ ሣር በራሴ ተጠምጥሞ ነበር።ወደ ተራሮች መሠረት ወረድሁ፤ በምድርና በመወርወሪያዎችዋ ለዘላለም ተዘጋሁ፤ አንተ ግን፥ አቤቱ አምላኬ፥ ሕይወቴን ከጕድጓዱ አወጣህ።ነፍሴ በዛለችብኝ ጊዜ እግዚአብሔርን አሰብሁት፤ ጸሎቴም ወደ አንተ ወደ ቅዱስ መቅደስህ ገባች።ከንቱነትንና ሐሰትን የሚጠብቁ ምሕረታቸውን ትተዋል።እኔ ግን በምስጋና ቃል እሠዋልሃለሁ፤ የተሳልሁትንም እከፍላለሁ።ደኅንነት ከእግዚአብሔር ዘንድ ነው።

እግዚአብሔርም ዓሣውን አዘዘው፥ እርሱም ዮናስን በየብስ ላይ ተፋው።

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tahrir moments continued...

Feb 7: Wael Ghonim ,the Google employee and one of the master mind behind this revolution got released after being detained for 12 days. But the intriguing commentary to hear was the word extremist used to label the United States if they don’t comply with the pro democracy protestors as they claim to be a freedom lovers; intuitively astonishing because it is just time that will change everything. A democracy used to window cloth stability will eventually need to be changed.
Feb 8: The workforce Tuesday, the labor force quit and walked out of their work place. Some what I felt that this revolution will really be successful. Not because the labor force is the back bone of Egypt Economy but because these are middle aged and older people who were somewhat skeptical about the protest.
Feb 9 – 10:  Revolution escalated within its own momentum. And the power blinded President

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tahrir moments

February 1st, the million man March; an enormously prominent movement of humanity. It was really 1 million and even more, as the informal organizers have intended it to be. It really grabbed my attention as it has developed and progressed right before my eyes so I started followed it and Jan25 revolution immensely. I am not fervent of politics and I don’t know to what and how it translates when measured through calipers of political analysis but for me, it has given the sense of contentment of being human. A being, that always finds a way to find freedom and liberation.