Thursday, January 13, 2011

A flurry for a change

There is a saying “See a pin and pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck; see a pin and let it lie, bad luck you'll have all day” I had a thought-pin of snow, upon my take I decided to write about it instead of what I had anticipated of writing about – Aklilu’s Book review correction my personal comment about the book.

I was driving late night from work after the long excepted snow has flurried. The streets were divested of cars except for few once like me, who were striving to get home not only because of the weather but also being on the street at that time of the night makes one feel lonelier and forgotten. As I drove by the parking space of my apartment complex the entire alley seems to be lifeless even the bright street lights seem to be darker except for the warm and fainted glow of the white snow.
It reminded me of the year I came to the US.My good sister Hosana (Hosi) came almost  at the same time and we both received the lecture of how the bad the snow weather is here and we had a set of warning for it. Wear thermal and boots, wear thick gloves, make sure you cover your ears and head and don’t forget to get a thick and warm jacket. We literally took those advices and ended up looking like astronauts but I guess every one has gone through a guinea pig phase.It was not bad after all and we were both surprised how relaxedly we managed through our first winter.Never enjoyed winter first impression or just because it is winter,be it.

Now after 5 years in the US looking through my bed room window I am seeing the beauty of change and the detail of nature with its refined order  and beauty unfolding in every drop of white.The frost scattering like ashes and hail hurling down like pebbles ,as the book says.
Keeping the night accompany after all it is not evocative but a change.A change that makes us long for its transition to a warm evenings and sunny days.And when this sunny days come ,we will long for that same change that ousts the season for winter to emerge.

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  1. No one gave me those commands during those days of my first snow experience, January 2008. So,I think the likes of me skipped that guineapig phase. I love my first snow experience and the shovelling afterwards though it was cold job. For the beauty I witnessed, snow white painted all over, the cold job was worthy of it aesthetic value. The flurry of change in my second and third snow experience is that I loose my wage during the snowy weeks for I am working outside - cold snow white days with empty account is too cold. What is beauty with empty pocket? These days I hate the aftermath of snowy days. Snow hits my pocket hard this Christmas snowy week, I gave no one a gift.Snow makes me broke. I am trying to save for the 2011 snowy days. I am also thinking to look for a shovelling job during the summer and fall season. I think I will enjoy snowy days, if my wallet size is hot. By the way I fell I am alone and forgotten all the time, let alone in a deserted snowy days.