Sunday, January 2, 2011


       Call it fate, I always find myself lingering on sad news for a longer time than the good and  entertaining footages.But Amira’s  (not her real name) was one of the kind which made me reach at so many levels of our grief and sorrow as an Ethiopian like no any other.     
Amira is one of the Ethiopians from the 30000 Africans predominantly Sudanese, Eritrean and Ethiopian migrants in Israel who have entered illegally from Egypt. She and her husband set out to the cold journey with a dream of having a better life.

Migration is a horrible experience, being abused and tortured while migrating is unspeakable. The human smugglers inhumanly abused Amira’s husband and raped her repeatedly while her husband was watching. Amira’s husband depression was beyond his human capacity along with the abuse that he died in the desert.
From this short talk it is clear, from the human and Ethiopian context, life for this couple was not easy but in the same context it tells a lot beyond the abuse. Here is my take
This couple decided to set out for their voyage and go through the tough time of their life together; they did not want to be apart from each other. They were not just a couple but one with warm love and commitment to each other and their vows. After their journey began the horrific thing happened, the smugglers took Amira in front of the truck and raped her and did whatever they wanted .Amira’s husband sat there incapable of protecting his wife and not knowing what to do probably cursing the day they made the decision to set out to migrate. 

Dealing with the trauma and agonizng thought of begin infected with incurable disease their dream changed to getting out of this alive. But the rape continued and Amira’s husband was not able to bare to watch his wife going through this from a better life which only existed in their dream. There was no way of going back because their smugglers would not let them as long as they did not pay their due. Day after day the depression made him physically incapable along with the beating and dehydration; he dead in the desert and they probably threw his body in the wild.Amira watched her husband die of despair while she still loved him and while their dream was still a dream.  Amira made it to Tel Aviv but she is left with a deep wound that wouldn’t heal. She blames herself for his death and says “እኔ ባልኖር ኖሮ ይወጣው” as if she was his black bird carrying his death over his soldier.

Sometimes the line between living to die and dying to live becomes so thin that life becomes so meaningless.Amira’s cry is a cry of a soul in limbo .Limbo of wishing to go back in time and not being able.

Rest in peace my brother


  1. it is touchy, Mercy to Amira

  2. Libachin be Egzyabher eji mehonwa bejen enji yihin aynet hazen ahun sew endet chilo andi ken yadir neber? Gin amlak medaf lay mehonachin layaschil ayset layset demo ayaschil. Thanks a lot Mahlet for sharing.

  3. Amen Let God give her the strength to over come all this

  4. Amira

    Let God give you His strength... Mahlet thank you for sharing this and for other blogging...

  5. RIP a lot similar stories these days. Begown zemen yamTalin.