Saturday, December 18, 2010

A cry for translation

Free thinking is definitely one of the greatest wisdom that the modern world has reached to. Even though free Will is given by birth to all, practice of free thinking is often seen to be misinterpreted. Principles and ideals, rather than the once that are self-developed are considered to be hindrance to fully experience freedom and recognition of self existence. When we talk about freedom in spiritual life, the existentialism regards losing all ties which even could mean getting rid of the Spiritual guidance and restrictions. Speaking of guidance our best example would be the Ethiopian Eunuch  - Bakos - who words were “How can I, unless someone guides me?” when asked by Philip about his understanding of the passage he was reading.

Bakos needed someone to guide him to understand the passage he was reading in fear of misunderstanding and misinterpreting the actual and true meaning. He did not want to grant himself that freedom of giving his own explanation. Self inclined explanation of the Holy Bible often leads to submission to one’s own thoughts instead of the text making one spread personal opinion as a belief.
A couple of days ago I was encountered with revivalist who proclaims to have found the true God the Creator or the mother of the World and conveyed to me that “God is a female” for any follower of Christianity that is something that would split once soul into half, then the female of the two revivalist pulled out a verse from the Bible – Galatians 4:26, it reads “ላይኛይቱ ኢየሩሳሌም ግን በነጻነት የምትኖር ናት እርስዋም እናታችን ናት።..”.Hearing this was more devastating than the initial one since it only tells that exquisiteness and richness of the literature of the Bible is has gradually become underestimated let alone its spiritual and dogmatic value. I did not even dare to question or challenge or try to explain what the meaning of the verse is in relation to other related passages in the Bible in the Orthodox concept and doctrine because I was not able to see the presence of intelligence to comprehend in the short time we had standing inside a busy mall.
Jerusalem being a symbol of gospel and the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to innumerable angels in festal gathering is not comprehended correctly unless we refer to standard scriptures and references given by the spiritual leaders under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Here is where the home work for EOTC and like Churches comes in picture. With the enormous amount of annotations and scripture analysis methodologies these Churches have a lot to give to the rest of the word that seems to be lost in translation both dogmatically and literature.

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