Sunday, November 21, 2010

“በውኑ ሴት ከማኅፀንዋ ለተወለደው ልጅ እስከማትራራ ድረስ ሕፃንዋን ትረሳ ዘንድ ትችላለችን?
 አዎን፥ እርስዋ ትረሳ ይሆናል፥ እኔ ግን አልረሳሽም።”

There are moments when you keep on hearing a word or a phrase or an idea repeatedly on different occasions or situations that it feels like a déjà-vous carrying a message that is meant for you to comprehend. It is this verse that has lately being slinking in my mind and  yesterday I unusually got various calls from friends whom I have not spoken for a long time.
Friends are gifts from God; his way of making his voice heard. If you think about it what better way will there be to touch our heart except through the words of good friends. These friends of mine were not aware of the situation that the other person called but all had the same topic.
Lately I have slowly reduced my service in church and had always felt the guilt as days goes by. The concern-topic of my friend was all about spiritual service and what should be done to help improve our spiritual life and our service. God speaks in one way or another, even though it was said about Zion this verse makes perfect sense to any one that God will never forget his children and reveals his remembrance through the words of our loved once or friends.
No matter how distant and how lost we feel,He will always find us ,no matter how hopeless we feel about ourselves He will comfort us and no matter how much we forget Him ,He will always remember us.


  1. ኤሚ! ታዲያ ለምን እንዲህ ቅኔ አትቀኝም፡፡

    ጠፋሁኝ እያልኩኝ ስተክዝ ሰንብቼ፤
    ራሴን አየሁት ክንዱ ላይ ተኝቼ፡፡
    ለካ አልጠፋሁም ሞቆኝ ተኛሁ እንጂ
    በጣሙን ሲመቸኝ የፈጣሪ እጅ፡፡

  2. really i appreciate ur idea keep go on

  3. pls write abut the guramayela language Emi

  4. Mahi, why don't you try Amharic ! or both
    i like your view
    keep it up !!!!!!!!!
    Emebrihan tridashi