Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pay attention this is Serious

Since it is impossible to unchain oneself from the use of royal onion from our cooking as leopard change its spots I have decided to share with you some of tricks to avoid the invasion by Onio-Odor.

Tip 1. Close all doors of the bedrooms and open all the windows that are available. It is better to tolerate the cold air than being suffocated with the smell of onion.
Tip 2. Don’t leave your bags, pocket book, jacket or clothing of any kind in the living room or the kitchen area while you are sautéing onion.
Tip 3. Just use oil to sauté instead of the traditional first water then oil procedure.
Pay more attention on the next one
Tip 4. After you are done with the cooking, boil a shampoo that has fragrance. This should be your routine task.
Use a small pan that you will separately use for this purpose
Add small amount of water add the shampoo and put the heat very low so that scent propagate slowly but evenly throughout the house.
The advantage of using shampoo instead of scented candles is that candles are EXPENSIVE and this isn’t. Make sure you get the scent that you would like your house to smell. If your house is carpeted, make it a habit to boil shampoo every now and then. So that the odor residue from the cooking that is left on the carpet is eliminated by the smell of the shampoo scent.

Hope this is helpful


  1. u remind me this one of to know you are Habesha if you leave the house smelling like Onion lol...Nice one its interesting :)

  2. Hi Mahlet,
    I really appriciate your idea.
    BUT,I have one question...
    Have you tried to do some experiments if this has a problem for human beings...I mean boiling of shampo or perfume? Like a person who has a scines problem?.....Sorry I am asking you this because I am a chemist....

    Waiting ur reply