Friday, September 17, 2010

The wedge in a Tug-of-war

Being extraordinary is always fascinating; at times this title is given to individuals after a long journey of contradiction. Look at the above picture very closely; even though, the sand is slippery sometimes, its granulated texture is easy to hold firm in a position and when we look at the team members, each individual are pulling the rope harmoniously except the last person who seems to have tripped over, this actually challenges the impression making it difficult to say whether they are losing or wining.
Hilarious as it a may look, Last person is actually a vital team member in the game and has not even broken the rules in the tug-of-war that requires the rope to be above the knee. The way he has positioned himself not only helps him to be intact in his place but also act as a pole around which the rope is tied and all they, the rest of the team members, have to do is pull the delta difference between him and the opposite group. All in all he is the reinforcing wedge for the team. My conventional explanation might not even be true but it made me ask myself :what would I do to win ?, what extraordinary steps would I take ?, would I wedge ?even more what does success and talent mean ?
Depending on our measure of success, extraordinarily successful people stand out because of what they have achieved slightly or significantly more than the context of general. When we hear their stories, there is always a time when they have pulled opposite to the norm in the tug-of-war of life and have chosen a different route to get to where they wanted to be. Although talent has a decisive role in where we end up, it does not have influence what so ever in the extent of our success.
Talent is just the initial difference which everybody has but unique to everyone. Some has the love for art, some for science, some for physics and some for music, it varies for all. Yet, the drawback of talent or the initial difference is that it should be exposed to a situation in order to aggravate like a spark in gas chamber. To see this more clearly let us consider rate of talented kids in US and Africa, the difference is huge; it does not imply that there are no talented kids in Africa but that they don’t have enough exposure and God knows how many talents have gone to waste. It is not only exposure but also practice that makes one perfect or successful in what they do like Bill Gates who used to get up at night to go to his school and do programming on a card for hours and hours unlike any other 15 year old boy who would rather sleep for 12 hours. I am sure people or his friends might have thought he is crazy for doing that and he even might have been bullied for it too but that did not stop him, he pulled and wedged, pulled and wedged till he became The Bill Gates he is now.
So I would say the tug-of-wars in life might need a pull rather than the conventional way and a decision to change the direction or route that takes to the destination and wedge that; like what my face book friends have said, it needs: knowing the talent, having a dream and a plan which we can execute with passion, determination and discipline with confidence and sense of doing good through the span of time and above all with faith and God’s help.


  1. Great reflection...thanks

  2. Well said emi. I first smile when you show me the last person on the picture, then I get impressed by the lesson you draw from the tug-of-war. I could agree 100% with the conclusion if i see the word 'luck' just before faith. for some reason i believe in 'luck' though i can't explain it well.

  3. Interesting points Mahi! I like this piece a lot. I concur success often lies in what you do with what you have been given, be it talent, time, opportunities, what have you. Notwithstanding the role talent plays in one's success, talent only gets us as far as we are willing to work on it. In my view, how assiduously and passionately we pursue a thing determines our success to a greater degree. In this long voyage we call life, a little extra hard work is what it takes to change a failure into a success.

  4. Thank you all.I am glad you like it