Monday, September 13, 2010

The Genocide Wot ( ዘር አጥፊው ወጥ)

I am still in the holiday vibe and trying to handle all the nice happenings that started from Eve till today, the day after the New Year; struggling to keep the memory of each moment as much as I can. Going through the pictures I took, I came across a closely taken picture of a Doro Wot – the thick red rich gravy, the drum stick, and the boiled egg – it caught my attention because of its arty and prestigious look but then when I started looking deeper I suddenly felt chills going down my vain. Doro Wot is so famous that it is the first thing that comes to my mind if someone asks me about Ethiopian traditional food but I have never seen Doro wot in this way ever before I am so surprised because I am vegetarian who is struggling to make myself believe that I should eat meat against all odds that I consciously feel and this is something that would have fortified my paradigm. I must be blinded by the tale I have been told all my life about Doro Wot being an exotically authentic and delicious dish. No, this is actually exotically brutal; it is the act Genocide of the Poultry species.

To make Doro Wot the main ingredient is the Chicken. It is not just parts of it but the whole bird sliced and diced into 12 parts so that it is well dead and cooked for hours just to make sure and then it is preferable to boil the laid eggs just in case they hatch and become chicks. I wonder who came up with this recipe, this reminded me of a conversation I had with a friend about two weeks ago about how and why Monarchical rule for centuries contribute for the development of authentic dishes; since the chefs of the palace are carefully chosen, brought from different parts of the kingdom and they have to prove themselves of being the best before being hired. They have to come up or modify recipes that eventually become an international identity for those countries like Doro Wot is for Ethiopia. But I don’t feel like this is a recipe that you can come up in an environment where ingredients are available in abundance. If it was grounded beef with spiced butter and homemade cheese and some well-seasoned collard green with Kocho bread I would have agreed. There must be something else that would relate this to our cultural upbringing - We can't be this cruel...

Guest welcoming heart…
This reality reminded me of two stories from the Bible, the old lady who relinquished the only two coins she had and Abraham who hosted the Lord out of his distaste to eat alone. I believe these two stories gave birth to our other identity of delightfully hosting guests and eating together. I am sure many, same way or another, would share my story of hearing the famous free verse “…የእግዜር እንግዳ ተቀበሉ…” and had also experienced it as የእግዜር እንግዳ or as a ተቀባይ. So I think an old Lady, maybe a widow, who always believed that guests are God sent but who did not have much to give, just a significant Chicken and it’s eggs which were all she had to live on and were, therefore, exceedingly valuable to her. Without hesitating served her Doro Wot to her guests with a smile on her face and fullness at her heart. This is not storied behind the creation but the thought of what it would feel like to give up all you have and smile actually made me smile. God, please let this be the story behind Doro Wot


  1. what a story! It is needs a third eye to see Genocide in the lovely Doro wot. In my opinion the cruelest part of killing Chicken is our method of killing. I don't know why we couldn't come up with a less brutal method. I wonder if the rest of the world do this.

    I have a story to share. I was invited a sheep tail [Lat] which is cut from a a live sheep. I saw the sheep walking with bleeding tail. Don't ask me if I ate the 'Lat'.

  2. nice observation and thinking, but please your plea to God should end at making the story the way you want it.

  3. lol God create them for us. It doesn't matter how you slaughter them. If you don't want to eat meat that is fine, but tring to think as Budist, or shontist may not apply for every one girl.

  4. ነፍሴ ዶሮ ለደሮ ወጥ ተብሎ ሲታረድ ሊአሣዝን ይችላል ቢሆንም ደሮ በክፉ ሁኔታ አሣድጎ በመጨረሻ ላይ በኤሌክትሪክ ሲግደል የበለጠ ያስከፋል።