Friday, September 10, 2010

The Clean Canvas of a New Year Day

New Year is like a clean canvas upon which we paint our new dream with all the colors of the universe. Even though time always seem to start from zilch I frequently find myself lingering on the past trying to rewrite it, thinking about what I should and shouldn’t have done or could have done better giving no time to think about the upcoming future in the presence of today. As a child I remember how exciting it was to see the wild yellow flowers blossom on every meadow, the bright sun light making the scenery a fresh paint of nature which tells and send a message of rejuvenations. New-year-day was always filled with change, excitement, fiesta and new beginning.

New Year is time’s way of setting a threshold to a part of time - the Past, Last year, last decade – and declare the beginning of a new year and a new moment and that, for me, is the true essence of the celebrating a new year day. Think about it for second, if time didn’t exist or if we weren’t governed by it we will be in the was of then in now. I really don’t know what it means but what I mean to say is that we will go insane because nothing will stop or come to an end.Time gives us the tool to demark for what has been done and gone and to visualize the future and connect with now.Presenting a new and clean canvas in each moment and each day for us to have a fresh start,create and paint.If we paint hate,greed and all the wrong things ,it will just give our mind a hauting thought which will only weaken our soul and tire our body so just tear it off and start painting again on a clean canvas with a new love and a giving heart because what we paint is what reflects back to us.

Last year is a lasted year, the past and it is not coming back and as we stand on a New Year day we turn the page in time. It is a chance to carefully look at how we participate with the new moment in now and the coming future. The past should never be the present. Learn the lesson we created and move on to the next page to a clean canvas of today and tomorrow with all the colors of different virtues and start painting brighter perspective, better view points, new Spirit and new heart with no bruises of any kind.

New year is all about giving ourselves any new chance to be present and foresee the future, let the New year bring us compassionate Love, endless peace, better commitments to our plans, etiquette to society and most of all Utopianism to our Ethiopia.

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  1. well Emi, fantastic article. hope all your wishes for our country do come true.